[Toys and Rattles]

Did you know that there are two ways to read the word "玩具": "omocha" and "gangu"? The word "omocha" is said to have originated from the Heian period (794-1185) word "moteasobi," which means "to hold in one's hands and play with," and was also called "mochi asobi mono. In the Muromachi period (1333-1573), the word "omocha" became one of the "wives' terms" used by wives serving at the imperial palace and other places, and was abbreviated from "mochiasobu (hold and play)" to "mochasobu," then to "mocha," with the polite "o" added, giving rise to the word "omocha."

Historical and literary scholar Antonia Fraser lists three essential effects of toys. To give children pleasure, to let them play in imaginary worlds, and to give them the opportunity to imitate. Children's play with toys can develop insight, creativity, and concentration, and is one of the most important actions to expand a child's potential.

Newborn babies spend the majority of their time sleeping and are barely able to see. They try to learn about their surroundings through various sensations, sounds, and light. Therefore, a rattle is an ideal first toy for babies.

Rattles are used to soothe infants and are found all over the world. Most rattles are made of plastic or wood, but in Mexico they are woven from sugarcane stalks, and Eskimos use seal skin to make rattles. Many ancient Greek and Roman rattles were made in the shape of pigs, which is believed to reflect the Greek belief at the time that piglets protected the health of infants. In Japan, it is believed to have originated in the Muromachi period (1336-1573), when a courtesan made a fubako (a box for writing) as a palanquin, and when small objects were placed in it and shaken, it made a sound. Traditional rattles made of papier-mâché and local toys such as the denden-daiko also exist as a type of rattle.

Toys are, in the broadest sense of the word, "tools for play," but they are also tools and playthings for the enjoyment of life, not only for children, as objects of collection, and as playthings for adults to enjoy as well. We would like to follow the example of children and nurture the richness of mind in adults as well.

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