[Kurikyu's Magewappa Zaruseiro/Sobachoko]

For lunch today, I made morisoba using "juwari soba" dried noodles for the first time in a while. The charm of juwari soba is that you can directly feel the flavor of the buckwheat, which is made from only buckwheat flour and water, without using wheat flour or other binders. While the soba is boiling, prepare the dipping sauce and condiments, then rinse the soba in cold water after boiling, drain thoroughly, and serve. This ease of preparation is also very pleasant on a busy lunch day.

The soba I love to eat is served on Kurikyu's bent-wood zaruseiro. The condiments and sauce are also placed in a bent-wood soba cup. The zaruseiro drains excess water so that you can enjoy the soba all the way through without worrying about the noodles becoming watery. This is a nice touch for soba lovers.

There is one more thing to look forward to when enjoying Jyuwari soba. After enjoying the delicious soba, be sure to try the aromatic "sobayu" (buckwheat hot water). The sobachoko made of Akita cedar will not get your fingers hot even if you pour hot sobayu into them. The sobachoko can hold about 1 cup of soba and be used as a sake cup. Please feel free to enjoy this excellent product, which won the Good Design Award from 1995 to 1996, at home.

Kurikyu's Magewappa Zaruseiro/Sobachoko