[Summer in Japan]

A bright blue sky with white thunderclouds. Listening to the cicadas and the sound of wind chimes, biting into a watermelon on a porch smelling of mosquito coils... The summer scenes of my childhood will always be a part of my original landscape. The smell of mosquito coils makes me feel nostalgic and relaxed.

Mosquito repellent is such a summer necessity. However, when placed in a modern living space, it may seem a bit too plain.

Kuwana Imono's Mosquito-Repelling Vessel, made in Kuwana City, Mie Prefecture, a casting production center that has been in existence since the Edo period, has a modern design that looks good in a Western-style space while using traditional Japanese patterns as a motif. Each one is made by hand by craftsmen, and the sharp lines of the die-cut patterns are beautiful to fall in love with. The rough texture that gives it a unique austerity is only possible with the traditional Kuwana molds made of sand. The heavyweight is also an excellent product that prevents you from accidentally kicking it off and getting ashes all over the floor.

Various insect repellents are on the market these days, but in summer, mosquito coils are the way to go! I hope you can enjoy the season with a taste of summer again.

Kuwana Imono's Mosquito-Repelling Vessel