[Marukawa Shoten's Shijimi]

I love small bags. I also like to carry them in my hand.

Perhaps it is because I travel by car a lot and often want to carry only what I need quickly in my hand, but I feel that I can keep my belongings to a minimum because I am not greedy.

This "Shijimi" is just right. It can hold a wallet, cell phone, handkerchief, lipstick, and other items in a makeup pouch, as well as additional snacks. It is cute and round, and feels more like something you would "grasp" rather than "hold."

As my children have grown up, the amount of baggage I carry with me has decreased considerably. It's like holding a hand tightly, a sense of security to hold something important. It is firm, yet gently fits into your hand. Please try Marukawa Shoten's Shijimi at the Wakamatsu Showroom.

Marukawa Shoten's Shijimi
Wakamatsu Showroom