A&W OKinawa is a local Okinawan hamburger chain. During my stay in Okinawa, I was repeatedly sucked in when I saw this sign.

Nicknamed "Endā" by Okinawans, A&W landed in Okinawa in 1963, before Japan returned to the mainland, and currently operates 23 stores in Okinawa alone in Japan. A&W was originally founded in 1919 by Roy Allen, a pharmacist in California, USA, who made a healthy drink from herbs and resins for his sick friend. In those days of alcohol prohibition in the U.S., this non-alcoholic "root beer" became very popular as a delicious drink rather than a medicine. I was so happy to see this sign.

I have never had root beer because I am not a fan of carbonated drinks. Even if you can't drink root beer, there are other American drinks and food items on the menu. The A&W Burger, with beef, tomato, lettuce, onion fries, and rich cream cheese sandwiched between brown sugar pepper pork; the Coney Dog, a sausage with lots of meat and a little spicy Coney sauce and onions; the potato with Coney sauce and cheese on top of a The "Chili Cheese Curly Fries" and other items are highly recommended.

There are a wide variety of locations and styles, including stores that are open 24 hours a day, roadside stores that offer drive-through service, stores that allow customers to order and eat in their cars without leaving the car, and stores in the city center such as Kokusai-dori and stores located inside Naha Airport. I have never had it because I am not a fan of carbonated drinks. It is also easy to use in various situations, such as taking a break from walking, or at the airport before leaving Okinawa. The interior of the restaurant, which features orange and looks like an American diner, seems to be spacious and relaxing with many sofa seats. Whenever you get hungry in Okinawa, please remember A&W.