[Kurikyu's Magewappa Zaruseiro/Sobachoko has been added]

Zaruseiro drains excess water so that the noodles do not become watery, making zaru soba and zaru udon tasty to the last. It is also ideal for entertaining, as even small quantities can be served neatly. The urethane coating on the entire surface prevents color migration of food. Can be stacked for storage.

The grain of the top and bottom of Sobachoko with condiment dish is aligned because the dish part is cut after bending. Please enjoy it with your favorite condiments such as chopped green onion or wasabi. The plate part can also be used as a coaster. Sobachoko can hold about 180 ml of sake, so it can also be used as a sake drinking vessel.

Winner of the Good Design Award 1995-1996.

Kurikyu's Magewappa Zaruseiro/Sobachoko