[It's a Delicious Bento Store]

The other day when I was in Kiyosumi-Shirakawa, a famous coffee town, I saw a store with a long line of people waiting in line, so I looked at the website and saw a bento box with a delicious-looking large oyster spread on it, and just seeing that, I had to go!

Tsukiji Yamano is a bento shop founded by the owner of a fish shop in Tsukiji. They started the business literally from scratch after COVID-19 eliminated their previous job as an exclusive bento box vendor for the office. They had some hardships, but they continued to believe in the deliciousness of their food, and now have a repeat customer rate of over 90%. A long line has formed in front of the sales office, and over 200 bento boxes have been sold out; a quick look at social networking sites shows that this wonderful bento shop is loved by many fans.

Open every Thursday through Sunday for four days. It takes only 15 minutes by car or 30 minutes by train from the Ginza Showroom, so why not stop by? You can take this bento with you to a Kabuki viewing, to celebrate cherry blossom viewing or a housewarming.

Tsukiji Yamano
Ginza Showroom