"Takosen" is a takoyaki that I walked around eating in Namba, Osaka. It is a takoyaki sandwiched between large shrimp crackers (senbei). Takosen got its start in Kishiwada City, Osaka Prefecture in the 1960s when a takoyaki shop where children on their way home from cram school would stop by was troubled by the littering of garbage containers and used rice crackers instead of plates.

By sandwiching the hot, freshly made takoyaki between the senbei, they could hold it in their hands, and since it was packaged in a burger bag, it was safe for children to have it. The happiness of being able to buy the food and immediately eat it right there on the spot is truly irresistible.

The "Wanaka," which I ate this time even though I had to wait in line, is an exquisite takoyaki with a melty texture. When freshly baked, the takoyaki is crispy, fluffy, and melt-in-my-mouth. The takoyaki are so small that I could eat as many as I wanted, and I even followed the takoyaki from a separate box of takoyaki I had bought to the takosen.

Takoyaki can also be finished with a choice of sauces such as "special sauce," "kettle-cooked salt," "dashi soy sauce," "spicy sauce," "ponzu," and other carefully selected sauces that go well with the batter.

The entire store is full of passion and energy, and the sight of baking and shouting while standing in line will energize you. Please enjoy the freshly baked cakes with a smile on your face while saying, "It's super hot!" and enjoy it with a smile on your face.

Takoyaki Wanaka