February has gradually brought warmer days. Even on days when it feels cold, the air is not as stuffy as it used to be, and a sense of calmness reminiscent of spring can be felt. The flower shops are becoming more lively with spring bulbs, yellow rape blossoms, mimosas, and tulips in bright colors. After purchasing tulips, I searched for "tulip" again and found a "Japanese band," which was formed in 1968 as The Four Singers, which I did not know before. The band's debut as "Tulip" was in 1972, and they have been on their 50th anniversary tour for two years now. This year, encore performances were held in various cities, and every show was sold out! That's what I'm talking about.

The tulip was first introduced to Japan in the Edo period (1603-1867), but it was only for viewing by a small percentage of the upper class, so it did not become very popular. Later, the tulip became a popular flower in Japan, especially among girls, and was used as a pattern on lunch boxes and embroidery on handbags, and if I recall, tulips were always planted in flowerbeds at elementary schools.

As for the country of origin, the image of tulips and windmills is inputted in the image, "Netherlands!" However, the tulip is also the national flower of neighboring countries such as Iran, Afghanistan, and Kazakhstan. In Turkey, the tulip is not only the national flower, but also has a sacred meaning, with beautiful tulip designs on mosques, ceramics, textiles, and chai glasses. Later, the tulip was introduced to the Netherlands, where it became a status symbol for aristocrats and wealthy people, a symbol of "wealth." As collectors and enthusiasts emerged, and as the variety improved, the tulip became more expensive than gold. This is called the "tulip bubble," the world's first bubble economy. I could never have imagined that such a thing had happened over tulips, as I was a schoolchild running around with flowerbeds by my side.

As I did more research, I learned that the language of flowers of the tulip varies depending on the color and the number of tulips.

Red tulip
Confession of love

Pink tulip
Sincere love

White tulip
New love / Lost love

Yellow Tulip
Honesty / Fame / Hopeless love / Unrequited love

Orange Tulip

Purple Tulip
Immortal love / Nobility

Green Tulip

Good for confession or proposal: 1 "You are my destiny", 3 "I love you", 4 "I will love you forever", 9 "Please be with me forever", 12 "Please be my lover", 40 "I pledge eternal love", 99 "Eternal love", 108 Please marry me," etc. The three yellow tulips I happened to buy at a local flower shop were for "I love you, but my love is not rewarded." What a pity.

The world of tulips was unexpectedly enjoyable, and just a little hint of spring in a room that has been winter-colored will change the mood. You can use your favorite vase as a vase, and there are also modern and beautiful vases available. Please take a look at the Shokunin.com site.

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