[Ginga no Champon]

Kitakyushu City is divided into seven wards, but since the city was originally merged with five other cities, it seems to have become ingrained with the classification of the city as a "***kko (person)," which is a way of describing the local people from that area.

One of the soul foods of Yahatakko is "Ginga no Champon." The name "Ginga no Champon" means "the most delicious champon in the galaxy," and has a long history dating back to its establishment in 1970. At the time of its establishment, the restaurant was relatively small and was the first famous restaurant to be mentioned when talking about Yahata specialties, such as champon in front of the station. After moving to its current location in Yahatanishi-ku, the restaurant has more seats, but there is always a long line around noon.

The specialties are champon with chicken cutlet and yakisoba with chicken cutlet. There are some variations, such as more pork cutlet, more noodles, no pork cutlet, or pork cutlet, but basically there are only two choices: champon and yakisoba. Since the name of the restaurant is "champon," many people assume that champon with pork cutlet on top is the main dish, but yakisoba with pork cutlet and raw egg on top is equally popular. The yakisoba is often featured on TV because of its powerful appearance.

In contrast to its impressive appearance, champon has a gentle and mild taste with chicken broth and a beaten egg at the end. The yakisoba has a surprisingly light flavor with a sweet sauce, and although it is hearty, you can go from one dish to the next and become addicted to it. The fried noodles are served with katsu (pork cutlets) in between, which makes them even more satisfying. This is the reason for its popularity.

As the home of the government-run Yahata Steel Works, which supported the industrialization of Japan, this is a dish that is representative of a region that favors a robust style of food. If you visit Kitakyushu City, please come and visit us.

Ginga no Champon
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