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[Nagatanien's Kamadosan has been added]

Iga clay, also known as "breathing clay," heats slowly when put on the fire and boils quickly, and even after it is removed from the fire, it does not cool down easily due to its heat storage properties. For this reason, it has long had a reputation among professional cooks as the best for cooking rice.

They wanted to bring this taste to the home as well. After three and a half years of research and development, the earthenware pot "Kamadosan" which cooks delicious rice without heat, without spilling, and without any hassle has been completed. When the lid is opened, freshly cooked rice is fluffy and glossy. By adjusting the cooking time, savory okoge can be made as desired.

Nagatanien's manufacturing started from the idea of "how to eat food well and drink sake well." The Kamadosan is the result of a group of people who love to eat. Why don't you start a dining table with your family and friends, and create an enjoyable space that fills your heart with excitement with Kamadosan?

Nagatanien's Kamadosan