There are many different tastes of winter in Kyoto, but one of the best to try during this cold season is the hot "Fumiya Nabe" (hot pot).

Fumiya is an udon shop established in 1946 in Nishiki Market. When it was first established, it was a sweet shop, but in 1963, Fumiya Nabe was born out of a desire to create a signature product and to make Nabeyaki Udon, which was expensive at the time, more readily available. With the attitude of "sparing no expense in ingredients and labor," most of the ingredients are still handmade by craftsmen every morning. The soup stock is made from natural Rishiri kelp, dried bonito flakes, and Fushimi's underground water, to which white granulated sugar, mirin, and light soy sauce are added.

I had never been to this restaurant before, although I knew of it because there was always a line when I passed by Nishiki Market at lunchtime. I ordered their specialty, Fumiya hot pot. When the waiter opened the lid of the pot in front of us, steam was rising from the pot. On top of the clear broth and soft udon noodles, there was shrimp tempura, rice cake, boiled shiitake mushrooms, egg, and fu. When you first drink the broth, it has a gentle taste with a refined aroma and flavor followed by a slight sweetness. The thick batter of the tempura soaked up the broth well and made me feel relaxed. All the ingredients were in harmony with the broth, and I enjoyed eating every last drop of the dish, wondering where to start and how to proceed.

After finishing the meal, I felt warm, nourished, full, and energized, and I was very grateful that I could easily enjoy this dish for less than 1,000 yen. The Fumiya Nishiki branch is just a stone's throw from the Fumiya main restaurant, both of which are a 7-minute walk from our Sanjo Showroom. The cold days are still continuing, but we hope you will all go there to try them, feeling as if you have a reassuring ally to help you get through the cold winter in Kyoto.

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