[Kamaei's Pan-Roll]

Kamaei is a kamaboko (fish cake) shop in Otaru with a long history since its establishment in 1905. One of their most popular product is the "Pan-roll". Kamaboko shop and bread. What a strange combination!

The Pan-roll is an original product of Kamaei, invented in 1962 by Kosuke Sato, the former president of Kamaei. It is a delightful product with a crispy texture, made by wrapping surimi in thin bread and deep frying it. The result of his pursuit of "Is it possible to eat fish paste as if it were a snack? Kamaei has many products that can be purchased online, but this Pan-roll is sold only at the factory's direct sales stores, in Otaru City, Sapporo City, and at the actual stores in Shin Chitose Airport, because it cannot be vacuum-packed and has a very short shelf life due to the lack of preservatives. At 237 yen per piece, they are the perfect size to enjoy as a snack or a bite to eat.

I have only eaten it as it is, but I found an article on the Kamaei website titled "How to Make Pan-roll Buns". Pan-roll buns were made by sandwiching Pan-roll and vegetables between cobbler buns, and it seems to have been a menu item served at an affiliated coffee shop, which is now closed. At that time, it seemed that they used coppé bread baked at a long-established bakery in Otaru, and it was a dish packed with the deliciousness of Otaru. I think I can easily reproduce it at home, so I will try it next time.

If you are going to buy Pan-roll, one of the best places to go is the factory-direct store. Here, you can observe the craftsmen actually making the fish cakes for free. The craftsmen's handiwork and body movements are truly impressive, and you will lose track of time watching them. In addition to popular products such as Pan-roll, there is also a full lineup of menu items available only at the factory's directly managed store, where you can taste freshly fried and made products on the spot. I personally recommend the "Pandome," a product available only at the directly-managed store. It is like a sibling to the Pan-roll, but it has a richer flavor with cheese and bacon added, giving it a more Western feel. The factory store is located not far from the Otaru Canal and Sakai-machi Street, so please visit us.

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