[Wataoka's Nail File in the Kitchen]

Wataoka's Nail File is in high demand this season and are on standby in our kitchen. If I feel like I have to use it more and more every year, it is because, just like our skin, our nails lose their elasticity and brittleness due to the decrease in protein, moisture and oil, the main components of nails. In addition, frequent hand washing and disinfecting, which are now indispensable, and water work in the kitchen, which is inevitable, are all factors that come to mind.

Among these, chipping a fingernail while working in the kitchen is something to be concerned about. I keep a Wataoka's Nail File in a corner of my kitchen so that I can deal with it immediately. It is a nail file that can file nails smoothly from any direction without damaging the cells of the nail cross-section, and it has five times finer filing than ordinary files. It is a gem that allows you to obtain cutting power and a smooth finish at the same time.

It has become almost a kitchen tool in our house. The flat, cute design makes it hard to tell what it is at first glance, and it blends in nicely even when it is left where it can be seen. I like the fact that I can use it quickly whenever I need it and keep it clean in the kitchen by rinsing it with water and drying it with a towel.

Wataoka's Nail File is suitable for a wide range of lifestyles, including those who work with their fingertips, play sports, or play musical instruments. The excellent functionality and design, as well as the unobtrusive size that makes it easy to keep in a pouch, make this a supporting role that we hope you will try out in your daily life.

Wataoka's Nail File