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[Teriyaki Chicken Sushi]

Ahead of Setsubun, we tried using hearty teriyaki chicken as a filling for ehoumaki and oshizushi.

For the ehoumaki, the dashimaki, which is grilled more firmly than usual, and avocado are rolled together. For the oshizushi, nori and avocado are placed between the sushi rice, and finally the cut teriyaki chicken, dashimaki and avocado are placed on top and lightly pressed on top.

The combination of juicy teriyaki chicken, dashimaki with a hint of soup stock, and soft avocado is a perfect match for each other, and most importantly, the volume of the dish makes it a very satisfying meal. The amount of rice used for the sushi rice is 2.5 cups, which is more than enough for two people, and is recommended for parties with a small number of people.

Easy to make and hearty. Try this teriyaki chicken sushi!

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