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[French Croissant]

In France, there is a custom of eating croissant for breakfast. The French have a long-standing custom of eating a simple early morning meal. They are in a slapstick state in the morning and rarely take a polite meal.

They usually go to a nearby bakery to buy fresh croissants and baguettes, and then return home to begin their breakfast. Unlike a regular baguette, the texture of a croissant is unique in that it is crispy. The texture is created by repeatedly spreading butter evenly over the stretched dough, folding it in, stretching it out, and folding it back in, creating a thin layer of dough and butter that is then baked. We recommend dipping them in butter and blueberry jam, or dipping them in a little black coffee in a teacup-shaped bowl.

Moyai Kogei's Zelkova Bread Plate is made of uncoated wood, which absorbs just the right amount of moisture from the toast, so the bread tastes great all the way through without steaming. Also, the color darkens as it soaks up butter and other substances, allowing you to enjoy the unique aging process of the white wood. Why not start your day with a crispy croissant?

Moyai Kogei's Zelkova Bread Plate
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