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[Miso Soup with Turnip Grated Radish]

Turnips are one of the vegetables that catch the eye in the supermarket in winter. Turnips have two seasons, spring and autumn. In spring they are soft and tender, while turnips from autumn to winter are characterised by their sweetness and richness. Turnips have a long history of more than 2,000 years, as they are mentioned in the Shijing, the oldest Chinese poetry, and in ancient Greek history. It is now grown all over the world, as it is easy to cultivate and grow even on poor land.

There are many ways to enjoy turnip berries, including as an ingredient in soups such as pot-au-feu, simply steamed in a seiro (earthenware pot), and the leaves can also be used in kenchinni (boiled and seasoned), furikake (sprinkled on rice) or fried rice, but the recommended way to eat turnip berries in winter is in 'turnip miso soup with grated radish'. Both the turnip's fruit and leaves can be cooked at once, and it doesn't take much time. Add plenty of sakekasu to the soup to warm you up from the inside out.

Peel the turnip and grate it with a devil's grater. Finely chop the leaves with a knife. Put the soup stock in a pan over medium heat, bring to the boil, add the grated turnip and bring to a simmer. Turn off the heat once, dissolve in sake lees and miso, turnip leaves chopped when the heat is turned on again, add turnip leaves and cook quickly over medium heat. Enjoy the crunchy texture of the turnip leaves. If you want to add one more ingredient, thick fried tofu is recommended as it is hearty and filling.

In winter, you will increasingly use slightly larger bowls for miso soup. It's just a lazy reason for wanting to avoid the hassle of reheating miso soup in the kitchen and having to order another bowl, but don't you feel happy just with a bowl full of miso soup and white rice? Sonobe Sangyo's Meibokuwan come in three large sizes - cherry, zelkova, and beech - and the Meibokuwan series, which won the Good Design Award in 1996, has been a long-seller for over 20 years. These bowls are beautifully rounded and make your dining table feel at home. These bowls will be used in the coming season for miso soup with lots of ingredients, pork miso soup, and New Year's zoni. Please take a look at it.

Sonobe Sangyo's Meibokuwan Zelkova L
Kagoshima Takeseihin's Onioroshi
Nakamura Douki's Copper-Made Yukihira Pot

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