[The Nakagin Capsule Tower, and After]

The Nakagin Capsule Tower, a residential complex designed by architect Kisho Kurokawa, has been one of Ginza's landmarks since its completion in 1972, but will be demolished in 2022 due to its aging, much to the regret of its many fans. Even after its demolition, the innovative design and structure of 140 capsules attached to the building as a second home for singles in the heart of the city still makes me think of what a dreamy building it was in the context of the times.

After the regrettable demolition of the capsules, a preservation and revitalization project was launched, led by some of the owners and residents of the building. Part of the capsule has been turned over to "SHUTL," a space created by Shochiku to fuse traditional and contemporary culture, and part to the Museum of Modern Art, Wakayama and the San Francisco Museum of Modern Art, for storage.

And this winter, a part of the Nakagin Capsule Tower Building has returned to Ginza as art. The art monument, which respects Mr. Kurokawa's ideas and fuses them with contemporary culture, is on display in front of the entrance to GINZA SIX. A peek inside the capsule revealed music equipment from the 1970s, records and cassette tapes from that era, and other items on display, creating a space reminiscent of a modern listening room. I felt like I had retrieved the answer to this contemporary art question, knowing that the once demolished building was being reclaimed as art, leading to an expression of metabolism, similar to the architectural concept.

Ginza Showroom

Ginza Tatemono Newspaper 2023/10/21 (Ginza Tatemono Exhibition Executive Committee)