[Appi Urushi Studio's Rice Bowl has been added]

Due to the high heat insulation properties of lacquerware, the temperature transmitted to the hand is moderate even when hot rice is served, allowing for safe use. Lacquer is stain-resistant and can be easily washed off after dried rice, natto, oil, etc. Lighter than it looks, the Meshiwan is also recommended for children and the elderly.

Chazuke is a dish consisting mainly of rice with tea poured over it. The larger bowl is perfect for chazuke and can also be used as a donburi. For example, if you serve oyakodon (a bowl of rice topped with chicken and eggs) in a red Chazukewan, the contrast of yellow and red will make it look a little special. It is also recommended for a glamorous bowl of seafood.

Appi Urushi Studio's Rice Bowl