[Matcha Zenzai]

On cold days, I miss something warm and sweet. I cooked azuki beans in the kitchen from the morning and they turned out well, so I made "matcha zenzai" with my favorite matcha and mochi (rice cake) that I had bought to eat when I was hungry.

"Zenzai" (善哉) is a Buddhist term originally used by the Buddha to praise his disciples, and is a Chinese translation of the Sanskrit word "sadhu," meaning "wonderful." There are various theories as to why red bean soup with mochi is called "zenzai," but one theory is that when the priest of Daitokuji Temple served this dish to the Muromachi period Zen monk Ikkyu Sojun, he said, "This soup is wonderful" (善哉此汁).

The dish consists of warm azuki beans and freshly baked mochi (rice cake). Pour the thick matcha slowly and you have matcha zenzai. The good combination of azuki and matcha, the flavor of azuki and the aroma of matcha spreading in my mouth, made me want to whisper "Wonderful" (善哉) to myself.

Susumuya's Matcha Katakuchi is a special katakuchi for matcha that makes it easy to pour and serve matcha. It is very convenient for serving matcha to multiple people at the same temperature, consistency, and timing, making it ideal for entertaining guests. Why don't you enjoy the style of making matcha with the katakuchi and sharing it in a small cup like drinking espresso on a daily basis? We also recommend this product for those who want to enjoy drinking matcha casually or for those who want to make drinking matcha a habit for their health.

Susumuya's Matcha Set
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