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[Susumuya's Matcha Set has been added]

Susumuya was founded in 2012 by Kotaro Shinbara, who was born to a long-established wholesaler in Satsuma who has been in the tea business for generations and whose grandfather was Nijiro Shinbara, known as the "Father of Kagoshima Tea."

Susumuya's Matcha Set is a tea utensil for enjoying matcha on a daily basis. Sometimes alone, sometimes with someone else. Why not enjoy it in your own freestyle without being restricted by time or place? Matcha can be brewed and poured in a katakuchi, served like an espresso in a small cup, combined with milk to make a matcha latte, or used to make matcha sauce for cakes and other desserts. You can start a happy tea time at the table, in the kitchen, or outdoors, wherever and whenever you want.

The warm color, which has never been seen in porcelain before, and the texture of the material, which has a low sheen, enhance the green color of matcha. The simple, lean shape was designed by Masanori Oji, who has created many products that accompany people in their daily lives.

Susumuya's Matcha Set