[Honma Kazuo Shoten's Straw Pot Stand]

Honma Kazuo Shoten's Straw Pot Stand is made on Sado Island, Niigata, using straw after the rice harvest, and is handcrafted in the traditional way.

Twisting and intertwining straw to create a thick and sturdy woven donut-shaped pot stand, it possesses high strength and thickness. This pot stand not only minimizes the transfer of heat from the pot to the table but also provides firm support for the pot. Additionally, over time, it gradually transforms into a deep, rich tea-brown color, giving rise to a distinctive and appealing texture.

Three sizes are available. The small size is for pots, tetsubin (iron kettle), and one-handed pots. The medium size is for general pots and small frying pans. The large size is recommended for larger earthenware pots and rice pans. Since they can be hung and stored, they are sure to please the eye as kitchen decor. How about a small gift or a gift in return, not only for home use?

Honma Kazuo Shoten's Straw Pot Stand