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[White Oyakodon]

When we posted about oyakodon on Facebook before, we were told by a Westerner that since they cannot get Japanese dashi, they make oyakodon using chicken broth, which is a soup stock made from a combination of chicken and vegetables.

So today we made oyakodon using chicken soup base. The result was a delicious light-flavored bowl that looked and tasted fresh, but also had the umami of chicken and the sweetness of onions.

To make it for one person, add 150 ml of water and 2/3 tablespoon of chicken soup base to an oyako pan and cook the chicken and onions for about 3 minutes. When cooked, add 3/4 of 2 lightly beaten eggs for 30 seconds and the remaining 1/4 of the eggs for about 10 seconds. A lid is helpful to keep the fire going.

We also recommend this dish when you have run out of mentsuyu or dashi but really want to eat oyakodon.

Nakamura Douki's Oyako Pan
Hakusan Porcelain's Noodle Bowl S Shallow