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[Sour Chinese Cabbage and Pork Hot Pot]

As people take to the streets wearing long sleeves and jackets, the cooler mornings and evenings signal the need for a light coat. On cold days, the words "nabe" and "oden" are catching people's attention in supermarkets. In our showroom, an increasing number of customers are showing interest in earthenware pots and warm wooden containers, making it seem as though the scorching summer was but a distant memory and the season has transitioned.

Once again this year, we have used fresh Chinese cabbage to prepare a lactic acid-fermented pickle known as "sour Chinese cabbage." This is a traditional pickle from the Northeast region of China, made by pickling Chinese cabbage with salt. It has historically been created to preserve vegetables during the long and harsh winters and to efficiently harness lactic acid bacteria and nutrients. If the Chinese cabbage is fresh, salting it draws out the moisture, and after about 10 days of pickling, it becomes ready to eat.

Sour Chinese cabbage, with its mildly sour taste from lactic acid fermentation, pairs excellently with pork. After enjoying it as a hot pot, the pickling sauce can be mixed with the broth, complemented with condiments, and the dish can be savored until the very last bite without any waste.

Kiya's Sukiyaki Pot #7 is the perfect size for serving 2 to 3 portions of sour Chinese cabbage and pork hot pot. This capacity is particularly recommended for those who wish to enjoy both a meal and sake, combining the hot pot with their evening dining. If you're looking for an extra touch, consider adding vermicelli or noodles. This hot pot is straightforward to prepare, and the ingredients can be customized, making it a must-try for this hot pot season.

Sour Chinese Cabbage and Pork Hot Pot

Ingredients (For 2 to 3 servings):
Pork belly, as needed
Approximately 1/4 of one head of sour Chinese cabbage
A dash of ginger
A dash of water and the soaking liquid from pickled Chinese cabbage
A few green onions
A pinch of salt
About 2 cloves of garlic
A dash of oil
A dash of soy sauce

1. Soak sour Chinese cabbage in a bowl of water to remove excess salt.
2. Place the pork belly in a pot, add water, slices of ginger, and a little sake. Heat until it boils. Once boiling, let it simmer for 3 minutes, then remove.
3. Wash the pork from step 2 under running water and simmer with sliced ginger for about 25 minutes.
4. Wash the pickled Chinese cabbage from step 1, squeeze out the excess water, and cut it into thin strips. Squeeze it further to drain off excess water.
5. Julienne the ginger, and cut the white part of the green onions into pieces about 3 cm long. Prepare dried shrimp, if available.
6. Remove the pork from the pot, let it cool, and slice it into thin strips. Add oil to a pan, then add the shredded Chinese cabbage and ginger (from step 5).
7. Add the thinly sliced meat to step 6, along with the broth from boiling the pork, salt, and the Chinese cabbage dipping sauce to taste. Simmer with the lid on.
8. For the dipping sauce, mix chopped garlic with soy sauce, and pour in hot oil (pour the hot oil into a deep heatproof bowl).
9. Simmer the pot with the Chinese cabbage and pork for a while and serve it topped with chopped green onions.

Kiya's Sukiyaki Pot #7
Sori Yanagi's Stainless Steel Bowl 23cm