[Kuska Fabric's Hand-Spun Silk Scarf]

With increasingly chilly mornings and evenings, it is time to start thinking about coordinating your autumn and winter wardrobe in earnest. In fact, it is said that just by wrapping a scarf around your body, you can raise your body temperature by 2 to 3 degrees. A lightweight 100% silk scarf can be wrapped around your body in the fall and worn with your favorite coat in the winter to keep you warm and comfortable.

Hand-spun silk scarves made by Kuska, a long-established textile manufacturer in Tango, Kyoto, Japan's largest silk textile production area, are made of the finest hand-spun silk, spun together with several strands of silk spinning yarn, and woven by hand while allowing air to penetrate the yarn one by one. Skilled craftsmen weave the scarce scarves, and it takes only one whole day to weave a single scarf. They feature a light finish and the beautiful luster that only silk can provide. Please enjoy the feel of hand-spun and hand-woven silk.

Kuska Fabric's Hand-Spun Silk Scarf