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[Sweet Potatoes Steamed in a Chinese Seiro]

On Saturday, I ate a late breakfast and relaxed over a cup of coffee, and soon it was time to go to work at the Sanjo Showroom. I was not hungry enough to have a good lunch, but I still had to eat something or I would get hungry during the workday... As I looked around the kitchen, my eyes fell on a sweet potato given to me by my mother.

If I steam this sweet potato in a seiro while getting ready to go out now, I can have a hot and fluffy sweet potato in 20 minutes at the latest. This will keep my stomach going until the evening! I immediately cut the sweet potato into a size that was satisfying but would be ready in a certain amount of time, and put it in the seiro. Twenty minutes later, after I had finished getting ready to go out, the hot, steamed sweet potatoes were ready. Very easy and delicious and perfect for snacking, a steamed sweet potato can be eaten as is, or arranged with butter and a little salt, and enjoyed in a variety of ways.

Sweet potatoes are rich in dietary fiber, which not only helps to regulate your stomach, but they also contain about five times more vitamin C than an apple, making them an excellent vegetable that is expected to be effective in preventing blemishes and inflammation. Sweet potatoes are just coming into season. When you are feeling a little hungry, please try the steamed sweet potatoes made in a seiro.

Yamaichi's Chinese Seiro