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[Nakamura Douki's Aluminum Pan has been added]

An aluminum pan is commonly used in restaurant kitchens. Have you ever admired the gleaming silver frying pan and the vibrant way it blends pasta with the sauce?

There's a good reason why professionals recommend using an aluminum pan for pasta. Aluminum is known for its excellent heat conductivity, allowing precise temperature control by adjusting the heat. It's ideal for swiftly transferring heat changes to ingredients, like infusing garlic into olive oil over low heat or rapidly removing moisture with high heat. Furthermore, when adding boiling water or wine, it readily evaporates, making it excellent for adjusting the pasta sauce's concentration. Another advantage of the silver pan surface is its ability to clearly show changes in the food's color as it cooks. *Disadvantage is that it is susceptible to high temperatures and food tends to stick to it.

This lightweight and easy-to-handle aluminum pan is crafted by Nakamura Douki, a company with four generations of experience in making pots and frying pans in downtown Tokyo. Give it a try and experience the convenience of preparing pasta for one or two people.

Nakamura Douki's Aluminum Pan
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