It is said that the people of Edo ate 5 go of white rice a day, and it may be a remnant of our DNA that we sometimes feel like eating a full meal of white rice. 5 go of rice is about 1.65 kg, which is equivalent to about 10 cups of rice in a bowl. So, yesterday for lunch, I made a stamina-don and ate 2.5 go of rice. As you can see, the Hakusan Porcelain's Noodle Bowl L Deep fits 2.5 go of rice perfectly.

Incidentally, 2.5 go is the size of a large bowl of rice at Matsunoya, a famous restaurant in my neighborhood, so when I wanted to make a large bowl of rice, I called it "Matsunoya at home" and settled on that size. Matsunoya's katsudon is very famous, so please start with the regular size (which is a sufficient amount).

Hakusan Porcelain's Noodle Bowl L Deep
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