[Tsukisamu Anpan]

"Tsukisamu Anpan" is the signature product of "Homma," a Japanese and Western confectionery manufacturer in Tsukisamu, Sapporo, established in 1906. Although it is called "anpan," it is more like a moon cake than a so-called anpan, a delicious semi-fresh pastry made of thin dough and filled with koshian (sweetened red bean paste).

Tsukisamu Anpan is said to have been invented in 1874 by Jinzaburo Onuma, who sold sweets to the 25th Infantry Regiment of the 7th Division of the former Army located in Tsukisamu. Onuma heard that the "Sakura Anpan" sold by Kimuraya in Tokyo at the time was a big hit, and he decided to make his own version of the anpan, which was the beginning of Tsukisamu Anpan. I personally wonder if the difference in dough from the so-called anpan was inevitable or coincidental, but in any case, Mr. Onuma's attempt was a great success. One of the people who learned the process from Mr. Onuma, Yosaburo Honma, the founder of Honma, started to produce and sell Tsukisamu Anpan in Tsukisamu Village. Tsukisamu anpan became a boom in the Tsukisamu area, and at one time, there were about 10 manufacturers. However, due to the shortage of goods caused by the Pacific War, confectionery stores were forced to close one after another, and the production of Tsukisamu anpan also ceased. After the war, only one shop, Homma, resumed the production of Tsukisamu Anpan, and it has been in continuous production for over 100 years.

There is also a road in Sapporo called "Anpan Kaido" in reference to Tsukisamu Anpan. This is the name of the road connecting National Road No. 36 and No. 453 in Toyohira-ku, Sapporo, and was given to the soldiers of the 25th Infantry Regiment, who were engaged in the construction of this road, as a token of their appreciation for their service, and as a snack, five Tsukisamu Anpan were distributed each day. I felt that these sweets have been part of the history of this area.

In addition to the normal koshi anpan, Tsukisamu Anpan is available in five different flavors: brown sugar anpan, pumpkin anpan, black sesame anpan, and green tea anpan. In addition to the standard flavors, seasonal flavors are also available. In Hokkaido, they are often sold at souvenir shops, convenience stores, and supermarkets, and are readily available for purchase.

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