[Hotel New Grand]

Hotel New Grand is the only classic hotel in Yokohama. It has a charm that captivates visitors, and I often visited there when I lived in Tokyo.

Opened in 1927 in Yokohama City, Kanagawa Prefecture, the main building of Hotel New Grand is one of Japan's representative classic hotels, and has been a window to foreign culture in the city of Yokohama. The main building was designed by Jin Watanabe, who also designed the Ginza Wako and other buildings. It has been visited by many famous people, including General MacArthur, Charlie Chaplin, and Babe Ruth. In 1991, an 18-story tower building was opened next to the main building, offering a panoramic view of Yokohama Harbor, including the Bay Bridge and the Grand Pier. In 1992, it was designated as a historical building by the City of Yokohama, and in 2007, it was recognized as a Heritage of Industrial Modernization by the Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry. Today, the Hotel New Grand is still a familiar landmark in front of Yamashita Park in Yokohama, based on the concept of European taste.

The main building still looks as it did when it opened in 1927. The first thing that catches the eye upon entering the main building is the grand staircase, the symbol of the Hotel New Grand. The blue carpet, the tiles on either side, and the lighting are all so beautiful that it looks as if you have stepped into a movie. It is no wonder that the staircase was actually used as a filming location for movies such as "The Wow-Choten Hotel" and "Karei-naru Ichizoku." After climbing the grand staircase, you will find "The Lobby. The lobby is lined with antiques from the time of the hotel's opening, including the "King's Chair," a piece of furniture from Yokohama, and the entire space exudes elegance. The high ceilings and large windows allow soft light to stream in, creating a comfortable and luxurious space with a long history. You could wait as long as you like in a lobby like this.

There are several cafes and restaurants in the main building, and a stroll in and around the building is enough to spend a wonderful holiday, but first I would like to introduce "Coffee House The Cafe". Here, you can enjoy a variety of Western-style dishes that were created at Hotel New Grand and spread from Yokohama to all over Japan. Doria, Neapolitan, and pudding a la mode originated at Hotel New Grand. Since its opening, the Hotel New Grand has put special emphasis on its restaurants with the catchphrase "state-of-the-art facilities and French-style cuisine," resulting in the creation of menus that are still widely known today and have had a significant impact on Japanese food culture. The lobby lounge called "La Terrace" connects the front lobby to the main building, where you can enjoy afternoon tea, cakes, and tea in a classical blue space with an enchanting view of the patio.

In the evening, go to "Bar Sea Guardian II." This authentic British-style bar offers a stately, relaxed, and exceptional atmosphere. Does the melody of "Sea Guardian de yowasarete" play in your head? This is the bar that appears in the famous Southern All Stars song, "Love Affair: Himitsu no Date." The specialty cocktail "Yokohama," which comes out in a triangular glass, is one that was created with the image of a Yokohama sunset in mind, and is delicious with crisp ice and the refreshing sweetness of orange and pomegranate. And the next morning's big treat is breakfast. Le Normandie, a paranomic restaurant on the 5th floor of the Tower Building, has a 1930s interior that creates a theatrical space and a view overlooking the Port of Yokohama. In the morning light, eating fresh vegetable salad and fluffy plain omelette, and drinking tea that can be poured for multiple refills, the morning was so euphoric that I thought it would appear in somato.

Hotel New Grand offers convenient access to Minato Mirai, but Yamashita Park, Yokohama Chinatown, and the Motomachi and Yamate areas are within walking distance. The location also allows you to have dinner in Yokohama Chinatown without worrying about the time you return at night, or wake up early in the morning to take a walk along the seaside in Yamashita Park, and enjoy the extraordinary luxury of Yokohama to the fullest.

Even if you do not plan to stay at this hotel, when you visit Yokohama, you will want to stop by for that architecture, that atmosphere, and that taste. It is a hotel that will surely be etched in the hearts of many people as a place to cherish with various memories. I hope that this classic hotel, which has been around for about 96 years, will continue to be loved by people for decades to come.

Hotel New Grand
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