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[Enjoying Cold-Brewed Green Tea in Japanese Sake Glasses]

Founded in 1899, Hirota Glass is Tokyo's oldest glass manufacturer specializing in Japanese glassware. While inheriting traditional craftsmanship based on valuable design materials dating back to its establishment, the company actively contributes to the progress of Japan's unique glassware through innovative product development. Combining Western techniques with Japanese culture, the Japanese glassware embodies meanings like "relaxation," "gentleness," and "tranquility," elevating it to an art form that reflects the Japanese aesthetic sensibility.

Hirota Glass offers Ultimate Sake Glass known for their delicate design and smooth texture, specially crafted to savor the taste and aroma of Japanese sake. Named "Hana (flower)" and "Tsubomi (bud)," each glass allows you to enjoy Japanese sake both visually and on the palate. These glasses are not limited to sake; they are also perfect for sipping cold-brewed green tea during hot summers. The elegant form of Japanese glass, with its warm and graceful appearance, beautifully showcases the vibrant green of the tea and the water droplets on the glass's surface, providing a leisurely and serene drinking experience.

Making cold-brewed green tea is simple. Using a small amount of water and ice and letting the tea steep slowly, you can create a tea with less bitterness and rich flavors. While a pitcher can be used to make a large quantity at once, we will introduce a method using a small teapot to make a refreshing cold-brewed green tea. Indulge in this luxurious iced tea experience.

1. Prepare green tea leaves, water, ice, and a teapot.
2. Place a generous amount of green tea leaves in the teapot.
3. Add water and ice to the teapot.
4. Leave it in the refrigerator overnight, and it will be ready the following day.

In Ginza, there are recommended tea shops where you can find delicious teas. Established in 1931, Uogashi Meicha acquired its name due to its central location in the Tsukiji area. Loved by tea enthusiasts, some people only drink tea from this shop. Upon visiting "Cha Ginza," the Ginza store, you may feel as if you have stepped into a different world, witnessing regular customers ordering their usual favorites like "the usual" or "give me 30 of these." It's truly an exciting experience. Why not indulge in a special tea time with premium tea and ultimate vessels?

Hirota Glass's Ultimate Sake Glass
Susumuya's Teapot