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Whenever I visit Taiwan, I stop by various snack restaurants and eat the familiar dish lu rou fan. Today, I made it while following a popular recipe on "愛料理," the Taiwanese version of Cookpad, so that I would not forget the authentic taste.

While I followed the recipe exactly, one thing I did change was to add a bagful of large shiitake mushrooms chopped into chunks to increase the volume of the pork belly, which is not inexpensive in Japan. The shiitake mushrooms give the dish a great broth flavor and texture that goes well with the meat.

Hakusan Porcelain's Hirachawan is 3 cm larger in diameter than a typical rice bowl, making them ideal for dishes such as roast rice served over rice. Why not combine it with the popular Yoshita Handi-Design Studio's Renge Spoon and enjoy the delicious lu rou fan to your heart's content?

Hakusan Porcelain's Hirachawan
Yoshita Handi-Design Studio's Renge Spoon