[Sapporo's Parfait Culture]

What do you eat after drinking? Many people choose ramen as their "shime" (the last menu). However, in Sapporo, parfait is becoming a popular choice after drinking or eating. The term "shime parfait" has become a familiar one.

Parfaits are usually enjoyed at coffee shops during snack time, but in Sapporo, there are many stores offering shime parfaits, especially in the vicinity of the entertainment district Susukino.

Surprisingly, many people buy convenience store sweets on their way home after drinking. They want something sweet after drinking, but coffee shops are not open late at night. I think the culture of shime parfait in Sapporo was born in line with such needs.

The combination of ice cream or soft-serve ice cream that cools down your slightly intoxicated and hot body and fruit that refreshes your mouth, the gorgeous and stylish appearance that gives you a sense of reward, and the fact that many stores have a bar-like interior that is easy to enter for both men and women may be the reasons why this new culture is spreading.

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