[Dashimaki-Don for Two]

When making a bowl of dashimaki-don for two, you want to serve two at once. But there is only one Tamagoyaki Pan.

Nakamura Douki's Tamagoyaki Pan L is used daily. This one can roll dashimaki using around four M-size eggs. Crack the eggs into a bowl, mix well with chopsticks, then add 6 tablespoons of dashi broth, 2/3 tablespoon each of sake and mirin, and a pinch of soy sauce and salt. Put the omelet pan on medium-high heat and roll the dashimaki. Adjust the temperature by changing the distance between the pan and the heat.

The dashimaki is soft because it contains a lot of broth, so it may be difficult to turn it over with chopsticks towards the end, but if that happens, don't push too hard and use a turner to turn it over. While still hot, cut the dashimaki in half on the Tamagoyaki Pan and place it directly on the bowl with the turner. Even half the size is enough to satisfy your appetite, and the broth from the dashimaki will soak into the rice, doubling the deliciousness of the dish. Of course, please enjoy the "dashimaki onioroshi-don" with plenty of grated oni (grated devil's tongue) on top.

Nakamura Douki's Tamagoyaki Pan L
Sori Yanagi's Stainless Steel Bowl
Seiryugama's Donburi
Kagoshima Takeseihin's Onioroshi