[Okonomiyaki with Grated Lotus Root]

When you want something a little different from the usual okonomiyaki, how about "lotus root okonomiyaki" made with onioroshi? Lotus root is in season right now. It contains vitamin C, which is said to be effective for beautiful skin, dietary fiber, which regulates the intestinal environment, and potassium, which promotes the elimination of excess salt in the body, making it a food rich in ingredients that help maintain good health.

To make the dish, add eggs and potato starch to peeled grated lotus root with grated devil's skin (*1), mix thinly sliced onion, chives, and pork belly slices cut into 2 cm pieces with *1 and fry in a pan. Toppings include aonori (green laver), dried bonito flakes, sauce, mayonnaise, etc. as desired. You will enjoy the crunchy and slightly chunky texture.

Rikucho Ogasawara's Frying Pan makes it possible to cook one serving of okonomiyaki in a nice, round shape. Okonomiyaki can be served for lunch or as a snack. Please try it!

Kagoshima Takeseihin's Onioroshi
Rikucho Ogasawara's Frying Pan
Honma Kazuo Shoten's Straw Pot Stand S