[Rabbit in Ukiyoe]

Rabbit is the Chinese zodiac sign for this year. Did you know that in the early Meiji period (1868-1912), many ukiyoe paintings depicting rabbits, called "usagi-e," were produced? They were produced to take advantage of the nationwide boom in the 7th year of Meiji (1874) in keeping exotic rabbits as pets.

People competed with each other to see how the rabbits' fur looked like, and rabbits with rare fur colors were sold at high prices. The craze was so great that the following year the government imposed a tax and tightened the crackdown to curb the craze. Many of the rabbit paintings anthropomorphized rabbits and satirically depicted society's infatuation with such rabbits.

Rabbits have been a symbol of leaps and bounds and prosperity of offspring since ancient times, and have been associated with good fortune since ancient times. Our store carries products featuring the Chinese zodiac, such as the Otera Kohachiro Shoten's Mini Eto Series and Nousaku's Eto Guinomi. You can choose the zodiac sign of the year for a good year, or you can choose your own or your family's zodiac sign. Please spend the New Year with your favorite animal.

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