[Buddha Bowl]

"Buddha bowl" is a nickname for a salad bowl that has gained popularity mainly on the West Coast of the United States since around 2017. It is a well-balanced assortment of healthy and diverse ingredients such as cereals, vegetables, beans, nuts, and fruits, topped with sauces and dressings. One theory is that the term buddha bowl was coined in the United States as a combination of vegetarianism and the Buddhist concept of Zen or vegetarian cuisine. If you search #buddhabowl on Instagram, you will see a variety of buddha bowls that are nutritionally balanced, hearty, and colorful.

In the U.S., the appeal of buddha bowls is that they can be freely arranged to suit one's lifestyle, such as using one's favorite vegetables, reserving greens from the refrigerator, or leftover ingredients from making lunch boxes. Why not enjoy your favorite buddha bowl while taking in a good balance of carbohydrates, proteins, and fats, which are the body's energy source, and vitamins and minerals, which are necessary to keep your body in good physical condition?

Today's buddha bowl, using "Kanamari Deep" from Otera Kohachiro Shoten as the bowl, is made with vegetables such as lettuce, cucumbers, carrots, tomatoes, snap peas, purple cabbage sauerkraut, cereal mix, thick fried tofu and shiitake mushrooms cooked with ginger soy sauce, topped with ground sesame seeds, soy sauce, vinegar, sesame oil, sugar and sesame oil (1 tablespoon for all), and topped with crushed almonds. It's a satisfying enough volume for two and will make you love your favorite salad even more. Thinly sliced cucumbers and thinly shredded carrots are peeled with a Peeler and Thin Julienne Peeler from Yoshita Handi-Design Studio. These are also indispensable items for making salads. Please take a look at them as well.

Otera Kohachiro Shoten's Kanamari Deep
Yoshita Handi-Design Studio's Peeler and Thin Julienne Peeler
Yamatada Katoen's JUJU mortier Mortar #4