[Kiya's Set of 12 Seasonal Cutting Dies]

Small dieboards representing the 12 months in a paulownia wood box, like a treasure box of your own that you carefully picked up and collected one by one when you were little. They are like your own treasure box that you carefully picked up and collected one by one when you were little: pine tree in January, daffodil in February, plum in March, cherry blossom in April, green leaves in May, bellflower in June, bamboo in July, gourd in August, chrysanthemum in September, gingko in October, red leaves in November, and suehiro in December.

Of course, you can use it for New Year's osechi dishes and ozoni, but it can also be used as a cookie mold, and we recommend using a larger cookie mold to cut out the dough and stamping it without cutting it out with this mold, leaving only the die-cut lines. Since the mold is long, you can enjoy punching out pancakes, sandwich bread, etc. with your children. You can also use it for various occasions depending on your ideas, such as cutting out a thinly fried egg or fish paste to serve with lunch boxes, or cutting out a small piece of ham and wrapping it around the visible part of a spring roll.

And even a single shape can look different from different angles. Because it is a pine tree! Try holding it in your hand like a puzzle piece, turning it around and changing its direction, or matching it with other shapes... you see! You may come up with an interesting idea.

Kiya's Set of 12 Seasonal Cutting Dies (Restocked today)