[Ringokko Set Made in Hirosaki, Japan, the Largest Apple-Growing Region in Japan]

Hirosaki City, in Aomori Prefecture, is the largest producer of apples in Japan, where 20% of domestic production occurs. Apple trees that have completed their role, are either used as firewoods or disposed. Ringokko Set is produced along with the zero-emission activity, to not only eat the fruits of these apple trees, but also utilize their trunks. There are many things we can do to use up everything without waste that can be found in many places.

So how can we eat apples without wasting the fruit? One method that has been gaining attention recently is the "star cut," in which the apple is sliced horizontally into round slices. The term "star cut" comes from the star-shaped appearance of the core in the middle. Since apples contain more fiber and vitamin nutrients in the skin and near the peel, it is better to eat apples with the peel so that all the nutrients can be consumed without wasting any. With star-cut, you can eat more and only the core and vines remain at the end.

Ringokko Set constitutes of Ringokko Dish, tableware for baby food, and Mash Shaji, a spoon for baby food. The cute tableware set of an apple tree is also appreciated as a newborn gift.

Kimura Mokuhin's Ringokko Set