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This is it!!! This is one of those products that I wish I had used earlier. It allows us to spread the cooked rice over a wide area and quickly combine the sushi vinegar with the rice in a full bowl. When mixing the sushi rice while fanning it with an uchiwa, the rice cools down faster than when using a bowl, and the stickiness of the rice, which used to be a problem, has been greatly reduced.

Since I live with two people, the rice bowl is usually the perfect size for two to three cups of rice, and I found it to be of sufficient capacity even if I have to invite someone over. If you fill the rice bowl with water before use and let the rice bowl absorb the water, rice grains are less likely to stick to it and washing it is easy.

I feel like I am making more chirashi-sushi and oshi-sushi by serving on the table easily, and I would like to use it more and more in my daily life, not just for special occasions.

Yamaichi's Sushi Handai