I had my first taste of oshisushi with vegetables as the main ingredient at a vegetable sushi event held at a beer pub in Kyoto some years ago.

I always thought it would be great if I could make various kinds of oshisushi at home, and I immediately tried making vegesushi with zucchini and avocado, and oshisushi with prosciutto ham and cream cheese.

I love the simplicity of the process, which is that you first prepare the ingredients, make the sushi rice, lay out the ingredients, and press, which is basically the same no matter what ingredients you use. I am really glad I bought it because I enjoy the fact that I can make different types of pressed sushi depending on my ideas, such as using rice vinegar or white wine vinegar, depending on the main ingredients.

Every time I add one more to my repertoire, I want to make and serve it to my family who live far away.

Yamaichi's Pressed Sushi Box