[The 14th Ginza Handicrafts Direct Selling Market]

The annual Matsuya Ginza event "The 14th Ginza Handicrafts Direct Selling Market" is being held from September 13 (Tuesday) to 19 (Monday). This is an event where artists, craftsmen, and designers of handicrafts from all over Japan gather to show the appeal of handicrafts, allowing visitors to come into contact with the makers and their products.

Several of the brands we carry will be exhibiting at this year's event as well. Last year, we were thrilled to see the demonstration and sale of wooden spatula sharpening by Okubo House Mokkosha and many other products that we cannot usually see. Many customers stopped by our Ginza Showroom in conjunction with this event. We hope you will visit this autumn event.

Brands that our store handles that will be present at the event:
Yoshita Handi-Design Studio, Conte, Okubo House Mokkosha, Woodpecker, Ichiyougama/Hajime Kimura, Sunami Toru Shoten, Susumuya

Matsuya Ginza "The 14th Ginza Handicrafts Direct Selling Shop"
Okubo House Mokkosha's Wooden Spatula
Ginza Showroom