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[Squash Soup Made with Onioroshi]

Squash is rich in dietary fiber, which regulates intestinal health, and also contains lots of vitamin C and vitamin E, which are said to be good for beauty and health. Harvested from summer to early fall, squash has excellent preservation properties, and its sweetness increases from mid-autumn to winter.

Since we had such delicious-looking squash on hand, we grated them with onioroshi and tried making soup with them. The advantage of using onioroshi to make soup is that you hardly need to use a knife and the heating time is shorter. You can save a little time in cooking.

Although squash is tougher than radish or carrot, I can grate it well by pulling it toward me. The coarse grating and short cooking time leave the texture of the squash, so the resulting soup is nice and filling. If you want to increase the "eating-soup" feel, add a few tablespoons of oatmeal. And if you want to add more luxurious ingredients, why not add grated carrots and onions as well as squash?

You can also choose the vegetables you grate depending on your mood of the day and change the soup base to Japanese soup stock or chicken stock to enjoy a variety of flavors. Soup is an easy way to nourish the body, with little burden on the stomach and intestines, and the nutrients are easily absorbed into the body. Please try this soup made with onioroshi and various vegetables and flavors.

Ingredients for 2 servings:
1/8 of a medium-sized squash
A pinch of butter
Regular amount of water
1 cup soy milk (or milk)
A pinch of salt
Black pepper
Consomme (optional)

1. Cut the squash, remove the seeds and the inside of the squash, and grate the skin with an onioroshi.
2. Melt butter in a pan, and lightly grind the squash until it becomes soft.
3. Add enough water to cover the squash and cook over low-medium heat until softened.
4. Add soy milk or milk and heat until it does not come to a boil.

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