[Miso Soup Served in a Wajima Kirimoto Mug]

I went to have lunch at the Kameido Main Store of Sano Miso, which has been on my mind for some time and sells miso and other ingredients from all over Japan. I found that the miso soup bowls were mugs made by Wajima Kirimoto, which is also handled by Shokunin.com. I looked around to see if all miso soup bowls were made using Wajima Kirimoto, and was very pleased to see that there were a variety of bowls, and mine happened to be served in a Wajima Kirimoto mug. The handles were large and secure, and it was lovely to see them on the table with the grilled rice balls. If anyone is thinking of buying one, this might be a good place to check it out using the real thing.

Kameido Main Store of Sano Miso
Wajima Kirimoto's Mug