Do you have such a taste that brings nostalgic memories or the faces of people you ate with come to mind when you take a bite?

When I was a student, I used to use Orio Station, and the kashiwa udon at "Tochikuken" is a true taste of memories for me. Even now, when I eat Tochikuken's kashiwa udon, I remember eating it with my friends on the way home after school when we were hungry. The standing-eating style of udon, which is brought to you as soon as you order and can be eaten quickly, is perfect for train stations where busy businessmen and students come and go. First-timers may be a little surprised by the sweetness of the dipping sauce, but the golden, clear broth will make you want to drink every last drop of it.

Kashiwa udon is, of course, famous, but what makes Tochikuken stand out is their kashiwa-meshi. Kashiwa-meshi is a local delicacy of Fukuoka Prefecture, consisting of cooked kashiwa (chicken), burdock root, carrots, and rice. The kashiwa-meshi was invented by Iwami Honjo, who was the director of the Moji Operation Office of the Japan National Railways (JNR), out of concern for the uniformity of ekiben in various regions, and to take advantage of the local flavor of Fukuoka Prefecture, where chicken is often consumed.

Upon opening the traditional Kyogi folding box, the aroma of wood and sweet, savory chicken aroma spread simultaneously. Chicken, egg, and chopped nori seaweed are balanced on top of the rice cooked in chicken broth, which is beautiful and appetizing to the eye. Many people come from all over Japan to seek out this kashiwa-meshi to accompany their train trip.

The wooden folded box is an ideal container for ekiben because its antibacterial properties keep food fresh and absorb moisture from the rice.

Kurikyu's magewappa bento boxes also remove rough heat and excess moisture, allowing you to enjoy delicious rice with the aroma of Akita cedar. Just like ekiben, opening a bento box is an exciting experience.

There is also a Tochikuken udon store at Wakamatsu Station, a 10-minute walk from the Wakamatsu Showroom. You can also purchase kashiwa-meshi, so why not stop by?

Kurikyu's Magewappa Lunch Box (Unpainted)
Wakamatsu Showroom
Tochikuken Wakamatsu Station Udon Store