[A teacup, hot inside, cool outside]

While it is a beautiful design, getting rid of any wasteful decorations, teacup's dual structure prevents the outer surface to become hot, no matter how hot the tea inside is.

Mr. Michio Akita, who's a great lover of teas, wanted to round the bottom edge of the teacup as to allow users to easily get rid of any tea incrustations. Although he has consulted with ceramic makers and glassmakers, the teacup that he imagined was not completed, and he eventually arrived at Ceramic Japan.

With Ceramic Japan's high level of technology, which a designer once told on a magazine that "What Ceramic Japan can't make can't be made by others," Mr. Michio Akita was finally able to complete the teacup he wanted.

The teacup that is cherished by Mr. Akita, as well as our staffs, is truly a masterpiece that is completed with a long time. Please enjoy a tasteful tea with 80mm!

80mm Teacup