[Onioroshi Bowl with Leek Oil]

Onioroshi is a crunchy and easy way to eat a lot of raw daikon. I have recently been searching for various recipes to explore its appeal in depth.

Among them, the sentence "grated daikon goes well with oily foods" and the alluring content of "adding soy sauce to negi oil and pouring it over the daikon" made me feel compelled to try it, so I made this onioroshi bowl. The combination of refreshing onioroshi and fragrant and rich green onion oil. The aroma of slightly burnt soy sauce. It was so good that I couldn't help but say, "All mankind should eat it!" and the taste was so delicious.

The Seiryugama Bowl, which complements the white of the rice and the onioroshi, has just enough room for a generous amount of onioroshi, and a small amount of leek oil can be made in a Rikucho Ogasawara Mini Pan S, which makes just the right amount. Freshly cooked rice, freshly grated onioroshi, and freshly made leek oil. Why not enjoy the luxury of having "everything freshly made" at home?

Kagoshima Takeseihin's Onioroshi
Seiryugama's Donburi
Rikucho Ogasawara's Mini Pan S

https://www.hotpepper.jp/mesitsu/entry/tsujimeshi/19-00066 (Recipe)