[Seven Virtues of Pickled Plums]

This year's rainy season has passed like a rush, but around the time of the rainy season is the season for ume work, making preserved foods using ume. Japan's oldest medical book "Ishinho (医心方)" written in 984 A.D. states that ume (Japanese apricot) cuts off the three poisons (blood poison, water poison, and food poison), indicating that dried plums were used as medicine. The book "Inzentekiyo (飲膳摘要)," a book of herbology written in the Edo period (1603-1867), included the "Seven virtues of pickled plums" in its text.

The seven virtues of umeboshi:
1. It is a poison remover. Therefore, in the old days, udon noodles were always served with pickled plums.
2. It prevents rotting. In summer, if you put a dried plum in the bottom of a rice chest, the rice will not spoil.
3. It is effective in preventing the plague. It is a common practice for inns to serve pickled plums with breakfast.
4. It does not change the taste.
5. Good for breathing. When running, a piece of pickled plum in the mouth will keep you from shortness of breath.
6. It is good for headache. Whenever a woman has a headache, she should put a dried plum on her temple.
7. Vinegar made from pickled plums is effective against epidemic diseases.

The actual benefits include: prevention of fatigue, recovery from fatigue, and retention of stamina from citric acid, aid in digestion and absorption, antioxidant effect from polyphenols, blood-thinning mumefral, alkaline food that improves mineral balance and calcium absorption, and various other health benefits.

Dried plums are dried in the sun and finished when the weather is clear after the rainy season, known as the summer Doyo. The sun's rays and heat remove excess water from the plums, sterilize them, and enhance their preservation, resulting in delicious pickled plums with increased flavor and deliciousness.

There are news reports that this summer will be hotter than normal throughout Japan. Heat stroke occurs when sweat and skin temperature cannot be regulated and body temperature rises. As a measure to prevent the environment and body from becoming too hot, how about remembering to replenish water and salt, and try to take advantage of the traditional healthy food, ume.

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