Rikucho Ogasawara's Onigiri Iron Plate has many uses other than grilling onigiri. Wouldn't it be fun to bake the dough in the style of dorayaki and sandwich it with anko (red bean paste) and butter, or to sandwich it in the style of dorayaki maritozzo with plenty of cream and anko (red bean paste)?

To make a dorayaki-like crust, add a sweetener such as honey or mirin to the egg, flour, and butter. To make a chunky dough, you can mix the flour with white bean flour. You can make them more easily by using a pancake mix.

The thicker the iron pot, the more heat it stores and the less likely it is to heat unevenly. Suitable for hamburgers, steaks, dumplings, okonomiyaki, pancakes, etc., where the inside is cooked slowly. Please try out Onigiri Iron Plate, as well as Mini Pan and Frying Pan, to see the difference in finish and taste.

Rikucho Ogasawara's Onigiri Iron Plate
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Rikucho Ogasawara's Mini Pan
Rikucho Ogasawara's Frying Pan