Thank you very kindly for your shipment to my US address. I am highly pleased with all of my purchases and will shop again with you soon. What lovely ware to cherish and gift! It is a pleasure to handle and work with your wares. They are practical, high quality, beautifully finished and satisfying to the touch. I will continue to enjoy them for all of their long lifetime and am proud to gift them. They keep all promises and exceed expectations: [Okai Mafu Shoten] Linen Fukin towel dries so well and leaves glassware sparkly clean. [THE] Soy Sauce Cruet will not spill a single drop, however it is handled. [Daiya] Katsubako Brush cleans my fine coffee grinds, disregarding the highly static environment at 7000ft/2000m... and so on. Thank you again! The package arrived in under two weeks and in pristine shape. All items were wrapped with love and incredible attention to detail. The [Seiryugama] Sencha Cup came with a tiny, tiny chip, but that could not have happened in transit. All other items arrived in perfect condition. I have never yet received international shipments in such good shape here. Kudos to your team! I look forward to shopping again. All best to you and Shokunin enterprise.
C.L. from USA

Seiryugama's Bowl
THE's Soy Sauce Cruet
Daiya's Katsubako Brush
Rikucho Ogasawara's Nambu Wind Bell